‘Super Cars’ sequel is in development with ‘DuckTales’ creator, LucasArts and Disney

The Super Cars franchise, which is still in development at LucasArms, is in the midst of a second season, and that first season is due out in 2019.

LucasArps President and CEO Jason Rubin confirmed that a second, much larger season will be announced in a recent interview with IGN, and confirmed that the sequel is already in development.

“We’re in the process of doing a second series,” Rubin said, “and I can tell you, it’s not something that’s really been planned.

It’s not a new thing that’s been talked about, but it’s something that we’re in development on right now.””

I can tell from the tone of the interview that the first season of Super Cars was very much a continuation of the story that had already been told in the previous seasons, and the new season is very much an extension of that story,” Rubin continued.

“That said, it doesn’t mean that the second season won’t be completely different. “

We’re not done yet. “

That said, it doesn’t mean that the second season won’t be completely different.

We’re not done yet.

We’ll have a little bit more story to tell, but the characters are all there.

I think that they’re all well-defined, and we can see that coming into the next season.”

There are no plans for a crossover between the two series, though Rubin said the second-season will explore the concept of how the two cars interact.

The second season of “Super Cars” was originally set to debut in 2019, but this year LucasArds plans to move the series back to 2019.

It will be interesting to see if the “Super” in the title is taken out in the second round of production, which may force the series to do more with its existing characters.

In addition to “Super,” LucasArks also announced that it is developing the animated series “Walking Dead,” and is also working on a new “Frozen” movie.

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