CARID: Why are so many people in trouble with their phones?

CARID — If you’re at home, you probably use your phone to check your email, browse the Web, play video games, or make calls.

But if you’re out in the field, you’re probably using it for more.

According to the latest figures from the Federal Communications Commission, roughly 2 million people use their cellphones in the United States every day.

The FCC says that number includes about 3 million people who use cellphones at home or at work.

We’re seeing a lot of people get distracted by these apps, and they’re not using them for the right reasons, FCC Chairman Ajit Pai told reporters at the agency’s March meeting.

“They’re using them to take photos or to send messages or they’re using it to get information.”

We’ve also seen a lot more people using them on airplanes, Pai said.

“I think it’s the biggest misconception about smartphones and texting that there’s a lot going on, is that they’re all about texting and not doing the things that make us human,” he said.

“What I’m saying is they’re more than just texting and email.

It’s more about the things you do, and the things are being done with the things in your life, and it’s more than the stuff that you say on a screen.” “

The things that you do with a smartphone or tablet or phone or whatever, it’s really not about texting.

It’s more about the things you do, and the things are being done with the things in your life, and it’s more than the stuff that you say on a screen.”

Pai said that the FCC plans to take action to address the problem, but he added that his agency is not yet ready to start banning cellphones.

Some of the devices that were banned in the past have since been updated, he said, and some devices are still in use in many parts of the country.

While the FCC is looking at how to regulate cellphones, it also is working on a new proposal that could be implemented in a year or two, Pai told the media at the FCC’s meeting.

Pais said that a few companies are already offering cellphones to consumers, but that it’s difficult to find any that are available for everyone.

This story has been updated with information from the FCC and additional details about the proposed new regulation.

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