Beaumont, WA’s emergency services call on car rental industry to pay up

Emergency services are calling on car-rental companies to pay their staff better wages and to stop discriminating against people who are not “traditional car shoppers”.

Key points:Emergency services call for the car rental companies to make staff more productive and take their own tipsA car rental company called Rental Express said it was considering closing downThe company has said its drivers are good and it was not discriminating against customersRental Express owner Paul Crouch said it had been “the target of an unprecedented attack from the car-sharing sector”.

“We have seen the amount of complaints we have received, the amount we have had to make changes, the number of people that have had their car keys stolen, the loss of revenue,” he said.

“We need to take a look at the business model, the economics, to make sure we’re going to survive.”

Mr Crouch told RTE he had heard of a “very small minority” of customers who felt discriminated against by the industry, but he did not know if it was true.

“What we do know is the industry is a very large business and the majority of our customers are men and women, who are very affluent and don’t go out and shop,” he explained.

“They go to the movies, they go to dinner, they are very happy to drive a car.

They do that for a very long time and that’s their way of spending their money.”

Emergency services are also calling for the Car Rental Industry Association (CARIA) to set up a working group to address the problem.”CARIA is working with local councils to find a solution that addresses their concerns,” CARIA spokesman Greg Ritchie said.

Emergency services were calling for car rental firms to pay staff more productivity and take on their own tipThe association’s members include many local car owners and workers.

“If we can work together, then I think we can make some changes to the business to make it viable,” Mr Ritchie told RNZ.

“There’s been a lot of complaints that the industry has been very unfair.

We don’t like the business because we think they are discriminating against women and people who don’t want to be in the car.”CARIA president Steve White told REN’s Radio National Breakfast that it was important that the car industry had “a level playing field” to attract and retain skilled workers.

He said the group had been approached by many local councils who wanted to “look at what’s going on”.

“Car Rental is not the only business that is operating and we are not the first business to do this,” Mr White said.

Mr Ritchie’s comments came a day after CARIA president David Molloy told the ABC’s AM program the industry had been under pressure from the government.

“It is not only a national concern.

It is a national issue and we have been targeted for all of this, and we will continue to be targeted, and so it is something that we need to come to terms with,” he told the AM program.”

And we’re getting very little support from our government.

I don’t think there is a lot support at the moment.”

Mr MollOY said there was “a real need for government to take action” and to make the car industries “part of the solution” in the area.CARIA has been working with a number of local councils on a consultation, which is due to be completed by the end of the month.

“Car rental companies can take this work seriously.

We know that they have a lot more money than we do and they’re the ones who make up the majority.

So we’re really looking to see what we can do to help them, whether it be some kind of wage increase, or even something that would help them keep staff.”

Mr Ritton said he was not surprised to hear the industry was being singled out by the Government.

“This is a really big issue.

I’ve been told that a lot people have been told to get their car fixed because they can’t afford it, that’s a real thing,” he added.”

I’m not sure why they are saying this, but they are really upset.

They’ve had to change the way they are operating.”

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