Sport car sales in 2017: Mercedes-Benz, BMW, Jaguar, Ford, Bentley, Chevrolet and more all up 5.5% to 7.4 million

The Sport category of car sales was up 5% to a record 5.55 million units in 2017, according to data from the Autosmiths and Automotive Research Institute (ARMI).

That’s up from a year earlier when it was up just 3%.

The category includes some of the most popular sports cars, including the McLaren F1, Porsche 911 and Ford Mustang.

The industry was also up for the year in terms of sales of SUVs.

For 2017, sales of the Nissan LEAF were up 15.3% year-on-year to 1.96 million units, up from 1.89 million units sold in 2016.

That was followed by the Audi A3 and the Toyota Camry, with a combined 2.76 million units each.

The Subaru WRX STI was the best selling car, with sales up 12.7% year on year to 1,764,000 units, followed by a 3.16 million increase in the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and the Jeep Grand Cherokee.

In the luxury segment, Bentley led with sales of 5,722,000, up 13.1% year to 2,879,000 and the Rolls Royce Phantom, which sold 2,547,000.

The Subaru BRZ was the third best selling luxury car in 2017 with sales at 1,939,000 vehicles.

The VW Polo R was fifth with 1,539,300, and the Audi R8, which was up 6.3%.

The BMW 5 Series was fifth on the sales charts with sales rising 7.5%, and the BMW 7 Series was sixth with sales increasing 6.5%.

The Mercedes-AMG CLK wagon was fourth with sales growing 12.3%, followed by Mercedes-SLI and the Volkswagen Polo R.

The Audi R5, meanwhile, was fourth in the luxury car sales list with sales down 5.4% year over year.

Source: The Sport BiblioThe sport car sales were up in the US, with an increase of 6.2% year and 4.2 million units.

That compares with a drop of 5.1 million units year on last year, when US sales were down 4.5 million units and a 6.4-million-unit increase year on decade.

But the US market was also down for the second consecutive year, down 3.6 million units to 3.05 million units for the quarter.

That is down 7.2%.

The UK saw sales decline by 3.1%, with sales dropping 8.7%.

Sales were down in Germany, where sales fell 5.6%.

Germany saw a 1.8% increase year-over-year, but that was followed in fourth place by China.

Sales of the Ford Mustang rose 7.7%, followed closely by the Volkswagen Golf GTI, which saw a 3% increase.

The Porsche 911 was the only new car on the list.

Sales were up for all three segments in Japan, with the top five sales for the first time in the last six months.

Sales of Mitsubishi Lancer Evolution were up 5%.

The Mazda 3 was down 5% in the segment, while the Nissan GT-R was down 6%.

The Ford Mustang was down 4% in Japan.

Volkswagen Polo R sales were also down.

Sales fell in Italy, where Volkswagen Polo GTI sales were flat, but sales of its flagship Polo R were up.

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