4:25 p.m.: ‘Theresa May’s team is in meltdown mode’: Trump’s lawyer says his client ‘tried to kill’ his own wife’s health coverage

A lawyer for President Donald Trump has accused the White House of trying to kill Theresa May’s health insurance policy through her daughter, and said the president’s staff has a “fog of ignorance” about the matter.

Lawyer Alan Garten told CNN’s Erin Burnett on Sunday that his client’s wife, Theresa May, was told she was going to lose coverage for a car phone holder she uses every day, a policy that covers her personal care, dental and vision services.

Garten told Burnett that he is “shocked” by the allegations, adding that his clients is “disgusted” with the White Trump Organization and “extremely disappointed” that May has not been able to make a court filing to stop the coverage cuts.

“Theresa was told that she was not covered for the car phoneholder,” Garten said.

“She has no car, no car insurance, she was told by the White team that she has no access to a car, and that she is not covered.”

The White House did not immediately respond to a request for comment on the attorney’s claims.

May has faced criticism over the cuts, which are part of Trump’s attempt to cut the U.S. deficit and push the U,S.

economy to the brink.

A Trump spokeswoman told CNN on Saturday that the president and his aides were aware of the policy changes, and they were “very concerned” about it.

But Garten, who represented Trump in a lawsuit over Trump University, has been publicly critical of the White’s approach to health care.

The White told the Associated Press last week that it would make changes to its policies, but the health policy cuts have not been announced.

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