Car seats can now be bought online in Australia

Car seats, the seat of convenience for many travelers, are now available online for purchase in Australia.

The Australian Bureau of Statistics said on Friday that the first three months of 2017 saw an increase in car seat orders for sale on the National Car Rental Scheme.

The bureau’s data showed that in January and February the number of orders for car seats on the scheme went up by more than 10 per cent.

“In 2018, more than 2.8 million car seats were delivered and approximately 2.3 million people received a car seat order,” the bureau said.

“The most common car seat model is a double-sided seat that is usually a head-back or front-facing seat.

In some instances, a full-length seat can be installed for a less expensive price.”

The bureau said it was also able to identify more than 9,000 car seats that were being advertised on the online marketplace and it would “continue to work closely with retailers to ensure their safety.”

In a statement to the ABC, National CarRental said it “is committed to a safe and secure transportation network for its customers.”

We regularly monitor and update the website to ensure our customers’ safety and that they can safely travel safely.

“In April, the bureau published a report into the safety of the air traffic control system, which it said was not safe enough for air traffic controllers to operate safely.

The report said there was a “dramatic increase in the number and severity of incidents” involving air traffic, particularly with the introduction of the next generation of aircraft.”

Air traffic control has a duty to minimise risks to the public and to provide an effective service to its passengers and crew, but the current system does not meet those obligations,” it said.

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