How to get a job in India’s beauty industry

The Indian beauty industry is booming, with an estimated 25,000 companies opening in the country each year.

This year, a record of over 1.5 million jobs were announced, as the country saw a surge in the number of women looking for work in the industry.

In a country where women make up only 4% of the workforce, and where the gender ratio is currently just 43% – which is still a number that has remained almost constant for the past two decades – this growth has been remarkable.

However, as with most emerging industries, the gender wage gap is widening.

While a study released in April found that the gap in India between men and women on the basis of salary is only around 7% (around $1,500), it can reach up to 30% in some industries, including beauty and fashion.

The report was based on data from the International Labour Organisation (ILO), which showed that in 2014, women made up 30% of all hourly workers in India, with men making up 31% of those same workers.

The ILO report also said that women made nearly 77% of entry-level jobs in India in 2014-15, while men were in charge of just 28%.

In the beauty sector, the report also highlighted the “growing gender pay gap” in the private sector, where women earn just 62 cents for every dollar a man makes.

The gap was especially stark in the beauty and skin care industry, where the wage gap was a whopping 31% – while in the healthcare industry, it was a staggering 30%.

This wage gap could lead to women taking a pay cut in their careers as they struggle to find work.

In India, the median annual salary for a nurse is just Rs 50,000 ($7,600) compared to Rs 50 lakh ($10,100) in the US, and Rs 50.6 lakh ($11,700) in China.

In order to get the salaries that they need to live on, the women who are lucky enough to work in these sectors are often struggling to pay their bills, as well as to feed their families.

Many of these women, however, have managed to save enough money to take out loans, which can be used to buy cosmetics and hair extensions.

However, it is a difficult financial challenge for these women to make ends meet, and the gap between their pay and the national average continues to widen.

According to the National Institute of Medical Education, which tracks the gender pay gaps across India, in 2015, women earned a median salary of just Rs 40,000 in India compared to a median of Rs 40 lakh in the United States.

This gap also increased from Rs 33,500 in 2014 to Rs 38,500 by 2020.

This is despite the fact that in the Indian beauty sector alone, women earn less than men.

According to the IMS Health Care Institute, the country’s leading provider of women’s health care, women in India make up just 2% of India’s population but earn over 40% of their earnings, with a gap of Rs 14,000 per month for women.

The IMS report said that India has been struggling with the wage crisis, as wages for women have stagnated for the last decade.

It said that a 2015 report by the UN Development Programme showed that women in the world are expected to earn $2,300 ($4,700), while in India women earn only $2.60 ($4.50).

India’s Ministry of Human Resource Development (MHRD) has already announced that the government will set up a gender wage parity board, which will be tasked with establishing a “gender wage equity strategy”.

However, the lack of gender parity in the labour market means that there are still gaps in the jobs available to women.

The government has also launched a national recruitment portal for female job seekers.

The shortage of jobs for women in this sector, coupled with a higher price tag on their hair extensions, has led to many women turning to online advertisements and private sellers for their hair.

While India is known for its rich heritage of beauty products, it has also seen a surge of innovation in the skin care and skin-care accessories industries.

Indian beauty brands such as Sunadea, L’Oreal and Revlon have all introduced products such as body scrub and face mask, and some of these companies even have their own beauty salons.

This has led many women to take a more adventurous route, seeking out cheaper alternatives to traditional beauty products.

But this trend is only getting more extreme as the demand for these products continues to increase.

According a study conducted by The Atlantic, a global fashion and beauty publication, the market for skin care products is estimated to be worth $15 billion ($26.8 billion) globally, while the beauty market is worth $1.8 trillion ($4 billion) according to research firm Euromonitor.

While the beauty industry in India has continued to grow, its gender wage imbalance has not. The

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