How to get a new driver’s licence in Brazil

A new Brazilian licence can only be issued if the applicant meets a series of criteria, but it’s not a simple process.

Here’s how you can get one.1.

The applicant must be at least 17 years old2.

They must be an American citizen or permanent resident3.

They have to be able to read and write Portuguese4.

They need to demonstrate their competence and knowledge of the Brazilian language5.

They will have to have a Portuguese-speaking spouse6.

They’ll have to demonstrate a good work history and an excellent driving record7.

They can’t have been convicted of a criminal offence or any other offence involving fraud or theft8.

They’re not a student or an apprentice9.

They’ve to have the equivalent of two years of professional driving experience10.

They also need to be physically fit.

The application process is complicated and there’s no guarantee that the applicant will be approved.

The first step is to submit a photocopy of their driving licence, along with a passport.

If the application is approved, the document is sent to the local immigration office.

Then the applicant’s parents, spouse and children are contacted and their documents checked.

If the applicants has a valid passport, they’ll have an immediate driving licence.

If they don’t have a passport, the Brazilian consulate will take care of the passport application.

They ask for the applicant to supply an ID document, and then the passport is sent back to the consul’s office.

If everything is in order, the consular office will issue the Brazilian licence.

If all goes according to plan, the driving licence will be issued within a few days.

The driver’s license is valid for five years.

The consular officer then sends the licence to the police, who will issue a provisional license.

If there’s an accident, the provisional licence can be used to renew it.

The driving licence has three different categories, with a higher level of validity reserved for those who have undergone a criminal conviction.

The provisional licence will also be valid for four years after it’s expired.

The driving licence is also valid for three years if it’s used to pass an examination in a private or university school.

Once the driver’s licences are issued, they are available for immediate use.

However, it’s advisable to be careful when using them as they can be difficult to access, and they may be lost or stolen.

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