Honda’s Touchless Car Wash is coming to the Philippines

PHILIPPINES — Honda Motor Co. is planning to open its first touchless carwash in the Philippines in the next two years, a move that would mark a major shift for a country that has been criticized for its lackluster auto industry and labor conditions.

The Japanese company is one of several Japanese companies looking to bring touchless technology to the Philippine market after Toyota Motor Corp. began its first such service there last year.

Honda Motor Corp., which sells cars in Japan, said it will operate the first touchmobile service in the country starting in 2018.

The service will offer washing and service to customers in a variety of sizes, including families, seniors, seniors with disabilities, people with disabilities and people with mobility issues.

Honda has been working with the Philippines to bring such services in the past.

The company said it has already begun offering touchless services in its U.S. business, including its own service in New York, and will bring the technology to other markets as it develops the technology.

A number of other Japanese car manufacturers have also been making similar efforts to bring the service to the country.

The Philippines has been slow to catch up to Japan in the technology market, but that has largely been due to its lack of manufacturing capacity and a relatively low cost of living.

Japanese companies are also seeing a boom in foreign investment as they expand overseas.

The number of foreign direct investment (FDI) in the Asia Pacific region surged last year, hitting a record $13.4 billion, according to a Reuters report.

The rise in FDI comes after the Trump administration imposed new tariffs on imported Chinese goods and a move to increase tariffs on American goods from South Korea and Japan.

Sponsorship Levels and Benefits

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